Deaf Festival is a Deaf-led event. All Deaf Cultural Council Qld (DCCQ) board members volunteered their time as convenors of specific areas at Deaf festival and are heavily involved with the preparing, organising, and running Deaf festival. They were supported by numerous area-specific subcommittees of Deaf people. Deaf festival provides the only opportunity for deaf people from Deaf community to develop leadership skills on a voluntary basis from beginning to the wrap up of the Deaf Festival. They put up their hands and are accepted into the wonderful team. They vary in their skills and abilities but they shared a common thing which is the huge passion for Deaf Community, culture and Auslan as well as the unity of Deaf community and wider society.

They are not paid at all for their time organising and running Deaf Festival. These unsung heroes contribute their time because they are passionate about ‘giving back to the community’. Make sure you say thank you to them when you see them at the festival!

We also would like to extend our gratitude to all Deaf, hard of hearing, hearing people, families, friends, Auslan students, CODAs, interpreters who volunteer their time to make sure the festival is a success. Without these volunteers we would not have awesome and memorable Deaf festival!  THANK YOU!

Sally Strobridge
Deaf Festival
Rena Muscat
DCCQ President
Brittany Shing'
Brittany shing
Deaf Pub
Charlene Grace
Deaf Café
Cleo Harwood

     Cleo Harwood

Joanne Holt

      Joanne Holt

Children rides coordinator
Justine Conroy
Art Competition
Robyn Tunstall
Children Activities
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